Via Maso Belli, 10/A - Riva del Garda (TN)
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Quality Policy

Electronic Service Srl., specialized in the design, production, construction and wholesale and retail marketing, in its own name or on behalf of third parties, of components and accessories of electronics and electromechanical products made on its own or on customer’s project, is based in Riva del Garda (TN).

At the site in Via Maso Belli 10/A, next to the administrative offices, are working three production lines: one dedicated to the production and assembly of electronic boards and equipment with traditional and SMD technologies; one dedicated to the production of electrical panels and one dedicated to the production of wiring connections and cables. The Electronic Service Srl. products are intended for the national and international market.

The Management, which has always been committed to the maintenance and improvement of the quality standards of its products and services, and to satisfying its own customers, maintains a Quality Management System conforming to ISO 9001, through which:

  • analyses the inner and external context and identifies needs and expectations of the interested parts, including in particular customers, suppliers, its own employees and the local community;
  • determines risks and opportunities that have to be faced in order to reach and maintain the expected results;
  • identifies and complies with the applicable legal requirements and the contractual agreements;
  • pursues continuous improvement of its products, services and internal processes. It is engaged in continuous research of new technologies, in maintenance and upgrading of its staff’s skills;
  • supports and spreads a corporate culture focused on Quality. All employees are made aware about the importance of satisfying customers, of respecting the quality requirements of products and services and the established performances for all the processes;
  • It constantly checks the conformity of supplied goods and services as well as of the processes entrusted in outsourcing, with the established requirements and the expected quality standards;
  • It carries out a precise check on the finished products, in order to ensure the absence of defects and the compliance with the requirements agreed with the customer;
  • It ensures timely deliveries and after-sale customer assistance, in order to react quickly to the quality related requests and to the performances of the products supplied.

The Management considers an effective implementation of the Quality Management System as a responsibility of the entire organization and reminds the staff of any level and degree, to respect the present policy and the provisions contained in the documents for the Quality Management System, as for its own competence and responsibility.

Riva del Garda, 31st Mai 2018